This is what matters most to us

Here are the values we, as The Beloved, hold close to our hearts.

1. We believe the Bible is absolute truth. We believe John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. We believe the Bible was written by men that were divinely inspired by God. We believe the Bible can only be interpreted contextually one way. Context matters.

2. We desire to live intentionally for Jesus. How many times does Jesus get our leftovers? We understand that developing a close relationship with Jesus, just like any other relationship, takes time and investment. We are committed as faithful followers of Christ to make time every day for prayer, and the study of the Bible.

3. We will commit to loving all people, especially those that believe differently than we do. We will invest the love of Christ that lives inside us, to relentlessly love those Jesus misses the most. We believe no one is too far away from the redeeming, restoring, transforming love of Christ. We have been forgiven much so we will love much.

4. We will be truly generous in our giving to see communities changed locally and globally. We will invest whatever the cost to see individual lives changed for the glory of Jesus. This means money and time. Jesus gave us the greatest gift in the world when He went to the cross. Jesus gave everything. We will strive to give our everything as well. We don’t give to get. None of the disciples lived a prosperity gospel and neither will we. Our giving won’t buy our Salvation but it will represent that we have received it.

5. We are committed to leading our families, our neighborhoods, our workplace, and our church. We will lead lives that follow the teachings of Christ to the best of our ability on earth. We will be the first to serve and the last to leave. We will diligently seek ways to help others and step up individually where we can, to meet those needs. If the need is something an individual cannot achieve alone, then they will look to include others in our Beloved family to accomplish the task. Hypocrisy is the main reason people run from Christianity and Jesus, and we will refuse to fuel the stereotype by living inconsistent lives. We will practice what we preach. Jesus is worth it.

6. We believe that God calls us to live and thrive in community. We will commit to meeting consistently as a community of believers, with the goal of collective worship with song and other creative displays, and the teaching and preaching of God’s word. On a regular basis, we will remember the Lord’s Supper and reflect on the goodness, mercy, sacrifice and love of God.