Jesus said GO, He never said sit.

We believe that Jesus gave up everything in Heaven to give His life for us. With that in mind, we realize that our lives need to look similar if we truly want to follow Jesus. Jesus came to serve not to be served. Here are some ways we are currently serving.

1. Every Sunday we provide a breakfast and loving conversation to the precious individuals and families that stay at the Hendersonville Rescue Mission. We serve them, eat with them, and love on them. 

2. We are supporting a church planter in Red Hook, Brooklyn NY and travel there to help in urban ministry and sharing the hope of Christ.

3. We have groups that regularly travel to Burkina Faso, Africa and are currently helping with a building project for blind orphans there.

4. Our pastor is an Advocate for Compassion International and several of our Beloved have sponsor children all over the world.

5. We are involved in Cluj, Romania doing food distribution and sharing the hope of Christ to the gypsy people.

6. We are always looking for local ways in our communities to help people in need.


We refuse to be a consumer driven church. We believe that Jesus gave us the greatest gift ever on the cross with our eternal salvation and there is no greater gift we can provide as a church. We won't have the best sound system, lights, fog machines, or extravagant children's area but we will have a deeply rooted faith in the power of Jesus Christ to change lives. 

It's not "what can your church do for you", but what can YOU do for CHRIST!