A Transformed Life

Brian Allen grew up an angry, abused, molested, violent man. After an encounter in a church that turned him away from God, Brian ran hard and fast away from Christianity and anything to do with Jesus or religion. Having searched every avenue the world had to offer from sex, drugs, and rock and roll, he came to the end of his rope. No love, no joy, no peace, no hope. 

Our Pastor was blessed to have a friend that truly loved Jesus and thru that relentless love he surrendered his life to Christ. Realizing he had put his trust in man earlier in his life, he now puts his entire faith in Christ and Him alone. 

For the past 11 years, with the loving support of his wife Jennifer, Brian has followed the call to serve Jesus faithfully in America and abroad.

Our Pastor is an ordained Baptist minister that is brokenhearted for those far from Christ. Brian understands his desperate need for Christ everyday and has a desire to be used by God to lead individuals in the same transformation that brought peace and healing in his own life. 

Brian is also bi-vocational and works thru the week as a tattoo artist.