Welcome to The Beloved! 


Have you ever felt helpless, hopeless, forgotten or alone? All of us have too.

When you hear the word "church" do you get a little uneasy feeling, and maybe even a little hostile? All of us have too.

Many of us have had experiences with churches that hurt.

Many of us have had encounters with "christians" that didn't resemble much love, joy or hope. 

The Beloved exists to guide people into a transforming relationship with Christ. A relationship filled with true grace, peace, hope and love. We believe that Christ died on a cross because of His great love for ALL people.

We desire to live out that same love in our daily interactions with everyone we come in contact with regardless of how far away they may feel from a relationship with God. We will love you at your worst because Christ loved us at our worst. We couldn't clean our lives up enough to come to Christ. Christ does the cleaning, healing and restoring.  

We look forward to having some great conversations with you about life and how Jesus makes all the difference in it.